The organizational structure of the city is streamlined with the grouping of the offices into three (3) operational departments:

  1. The Management Services
  2. The Technical Services A (Basic Services)
  3. The Technical Services B (Administrative)
    • Office of the City Mayor
      • Human Resource Management
      • Permits and License Section
      • Public Information Section
      • Public Assistance and Complaints Unit
      • Civil Security Unit
      • Traffic Operations Unit
    • Office of the City General Services Officer
      • Solid Waste & Landfill Management Unit
      • Garbage Collection Unit
      • Street Sweeping Unit
      • Public Utilities and Park Unit
      • Messenger / Janitorial Services Section
      • Driver’s Pool Section
    • Office of the City Engineer
      • Project System & Design Section
      • Building and Industrial Safety Section
      • Electrical Section
      • Automotive Equipment Operations Section
      • Construction and Maintenance Section