Barangay Baraoas Profile


The people of the barangay say that the original name of the barangay is “Cabaroasan” because the place is almost covered with big trees and vines with swaying branches. When the Spaniards arrived, a group of Ilocanos led by Capo Siano went to see the chieftains, Capitan Dimas, an Igorot and they agreed to have the name of the place changed into “Baraoas”.


Location : 14.00 Km East City Proper

Barangay Boundaries:

North: Barangay Nagyubuyuban
East : San Juan, La Union
South : Barangay Bangbangolan
West : Barangay Pacpaco

Land Area : 408.3671 hectares

Population : 869

Voting Population : 426

No. of Households : 151

Average Household Size : 5.63


Total No. of Business Establishments : None

Predominant Businesses or Products Produced in the Barangay : Agricultural Products (Rice, Tobacco, Corn, Vegetables)

Barangay Hall : Purok 2

Barangay Health Center : Purok 2

Barangay Day Care Center : Purok 2

School/s : Baraoas Elementary School

Infrastructure & Utilities:

  • Electricity – Supplied by LUELCO
  • Water – Spring and dug well