Barangay Nagyubuyuban Profile


Barangay Nagyubuyuban derivd its name from “yubuyuban” or the place they heat the iron make farm implements like bolo, iron bar, plow and other implement made by iron. Until now many people still use “yubuyuban” for this purpose and the name, “nagyubuyuban”.


Location : 16 Kilometers away from the city proper

Barangay Boundaries:

North : Barangay Nagyubuyuban, San Juan, La Union
East : Barangay Dagud, Bagulin, La Union
South : Barangay Pacpaco
West : Barangay Dasay, San Juan, La Union

Land Area : 658.1437 Hectares

Population : 1478

Voting Population : 591

No. of Households : 290

Average Household Size : 5.37


Total No. of Business Establishments : 1 (with business permit as of October 2007)

Predominant Businesses or Products Produced in the Barangay: Agricultural Products (Rice, Tobacco, Corn, Vegetables)

Barangay Hall : Lower Nagyubuyuban

Barangay Health Center : Lower Nagyubuyuban / Upper Nagyubuyuban

Barangay Day Care Center : Lower Nagyubuyuban / Upper Nagyubuyuban


  • Nagyubuyuban Community School
  • Parparya Elementary School

Infrastructure & Utilities:

Electricity – Supplied by LUELCO
Water – Spring, deep well and dug well